Saturday, January 06, 2007

Going Gray

Well, I've battled my gray hair for years and it's finally won. It's actually white. Quite a beautiful color if I may say so myself. (although this grow out process is a horror) MGFG has always been so encouraging. Telling me I shouldn't pour all of those chemicals on top of my head - Telling me I'm not fooling anyone- Telling me how lovely it looks. I've boycotted hair dye during my pregnancies. This time it has nothing to do with another life. Only my own.
I looked to the web for encouragement, only to find none and come away discouraged. You know there aren't any female CEO's in the US that have gray hair (at least none they'd like to show anyone) I also learned that it's considered very appealing on men, even to the point of improving their careers, think George Clooney. Not so for women, think Jamie Lee Curtis. So, I chopped off my thick curly locks and I wait it out.
People have spoken of my bravery. Bravery? I've experienced childbirth and no one ever spoke of my bravery. That's like pushing out a watermelon......
Speaking of watermelon, I'll leave you with a watermelon hat and knot hole scarf I came up with.

Friday, January 05, 2007

A little pink will do ya

Oh, it is a lovely winter morning here. A dusting of snow as we slept. After all that we've had, a little smidgen is fine with me.
I made a pink hat for a woman. It's quite adorable in person. Reminds me of chenille. I would love to knit myself something in this. It would make a perfect robe. That is, if robes weren't so useless for a person like me. I love to get up and shower. I'm not a lounger. At least not the hang out in your jammies with wonky hair type. I like to get dressed and ready for whatever the day holds. I suppose I could wear a robe over my clothes. Now what would be the point of that, though?

Friday, December 29, 2006

Some Goodness

It snowed again last night. MGFG (My gift from God) said it was about 8 inches. We should get more today. I love the snow. Although I am solar powered, it gives me an excuse to stay in and be crafty. More importantly it allows for time with the LOIL (little ones I love), Acakes and Epie.

I've been thinking about blogging my thoughts and crafts since I enjoy reading the blogs of many others. I can't say that mine will offer anything nuevo, but it will be all mine and that's just fine.
I'm including a picture of a hat and scarf that I designed for a tiny boy, the son of my daughter's teacher. I figured teacher's probably receive a ton of stuff and every mom can appreciate a little handmade love for their child. I thought I'd say something on the card like "An apple for the teacher's son." Okay so there is a worm factor, but it's cute and all with it's googly eyes.